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Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning specialists install HVAC/ MEP systems in homes and businesses all year-round. They provide an essential service by making people comfortable in their homes and businesses all year-round; maintaining the freshness of food, medicine and other perishables; keeping air clean; and allowing computers, machinery and other equipment to run efficiently and smoothly.

Their services cover a broad range of technical capabilities, involving a wide range of tools, equipment and components. These include motors, compressors, fans, ducts, pipes, thermostats and switches. As such, HVAC / MEP Technicians/Engineers are often part electrician, part mechanic, and part electronics engineer. They work with their heads as well as their hands—diagnosing problems, replacing worn parts, checking for leaks, making adjustments, juggling schedules and more. Experienced people who have solid skills and training can reap substantial rewards from HVAC/ MEP careers; not only from completing a job well done, but also from receiving the positive feedback of gratified customers.

HVAC/ MEP professionals work indoors and out, wherever there are people and buildings. When a home air conditioner quits in the middle of a heat wave, when a large hospital’s heating system suddenly breaks down, when the freezer case in an ice cream shop goes on the blink: the skill and know-how of the HVAC/ MEP technician is needed for immediate assistance.

" As a trained, experienced professional who can demonstrate the right skills and knowledge, you should be have many exciting and respected career options open to you "

Our comprehensive lessons are clear and well-organized; easy to follow, yet challenging and engaging at the same time. Each lesson begins with an introductory note from your instructor, plus a preview outlining the subject matter and study objectives.

Ethical leadership and creative decision-making are emphasized through in-depth exploration of contemporary examples and case studies from the “real” world. Students of CAPS will have the current industry knowledge, skills and self-confidence required to increase both the productivity and profitability of any company or organization.